As you can see, there were
a few changes to the final
design. It became obvious
that the helmet would have
to be simplified, and I
ended up making the
armor more detailed. The
swords were sculpted
An impromptu photo session
utilizing the setting sun proved
quite worthwhile!
The real inspiration for
the Amazon is Talos,
from the 1963 film,
"Jason and the
Argonauts", a colossal
bronze statue
animated in
photography by visual
effects master Ray
Harryhausen. A model
of Talos appears in the
background of this

Below: The final
computer scan, by
sculpture by Chaz Truog
One of the projects I worked
on in 2004 was this piece for
buddy and film director Mike
Heagle (
Go to Hell, Planetfall)
and also teacher at one of my
alma maters, the Art Institutes
International of Minnesota.
The sculpture was designed
to be scanned for computer
animation, thus the rather stiff
pose of the final piece. At right
is the original sketch, and
below is the finished
sculpture, complete with a
faux bronze finish, courtesy of
Tommy Allison of Mad Robot
Studios.  The Amazon stands
about 14" tall and is
composed of polymer based
clay. Computer scans were
done by XYZ-RGB, who've
worked on such films as "The
Matrix" and "Lord of the
Rings" trilogies.