"...daring and complex...fascinating as hell." - Dave Farabee, Ain't it Cool News    Read full review

"A terrific, historically well grounded story...[with] tight scripting [and] top-drawer mainstream-comics
Ray Olson, Booklist
Chiaroscuro: The Private
Lives of Leonardo da Vinci

is a compilation of the ten
issue mini-series from
Vertigo Comics created by
Chaz Truog, Dave Rawson
and Pat McGreal, which
ran from 1995 to 1996.
Inspired by such films as
Amadeus and Immortal
, Chiaroscuro looks
at the great Renaissance
painter Leonardo da Vinci
from the viewpoint of his
ne'er-do-well apprentice,
Salai, who Leonardo
describes as "...liar, glutton,
thief..." but none the less
spends more than twenty
years in a complex
relationship with the
Maestro. The trade
paperback includes all ten
issues, plus never before
seen pre-production art.
Salai (?)  School of
Leonardo, circa 1495
Above: an early ink test, a scene from chapter one.

At left, a study of Leonardo's patron, Ludovico
Sforza and his wife, Beatrice D'Este. Above, a
scene from chapter eight, Salai poses for
Leonardo's rival, the sculptor Michelangelo.
Did you know?

The Seattle Art Museum's exhibition
Leonardo Lives: The Codex Leicester and Leonardo da Vinci's
Legacy of Art and Science
featured a section on Leonardo's influence on artists in the Twentieth
Century, which included examples from
Chiaroscuro. I had the privilege of having my work
displayed in the same show with such luminaries as Rembrandt, Andy Warhol, Marcel Duchamp,
Jasper Johns, Salai, and of course, Leonardo himself. The exhibit ran from October of 1997 to
January of 1998.

"I'll take 'Comic Books' for a thousand, Alex."
Chiaroscuro was used as a clue in the television
game show
Jeopardy. Remember, your response must be in the form of a question...

Chiaroscuro was nominated for the prestigious Eisner award in 1996 for 'Best Limited Series'.
Chiaroscuro: The Private Lives of Leonardo da Vinci

Created by Dave Rawson, Pat McGreal, & Chaz Truog
Script: Dave Rawson & Pat McGreal
Pencils: Chaz Truog
Inks: Rafael Kayanan
Colors: Digital Chameleon
Letters: John Costanza & Clem Robbins
Covers: Stephen John Phillips & Richard Bruning
Original series editors: Shelly Roeberg, Axel Alonzo, & Alisa Kwitney
Reprint editor: Scott Nybakken
Vertigo Editor in Chief: Karen Berger
How do you say...?

Chiaroscuro (kee-are-os-CURE-oh) Italian painting term,     
meaning dramatic light and shadow.

Salai (sah-la-EE) Leonardo's nick-name (Little Devil) for his
apprentice/servant Gian Giacomo Caprotti di Oreno                 
(1480?-1524). At left is a presumed portrait by an unknown artist.
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The Private Lives            of  Leonardo
                                     da Vinci
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