M y t h o l o g y
                        by Chaz Truog
From the time I was about
ten years old, I have been
fascinated by ancient
mythology, particularly
that of the Greeks. When I
was eleven, I saw "Jason
and the Argonauts" (with
visual effects by the great
Ray Harryhausen) for the
first time, and I was
hooked. In 2003, I began a
series  based on the
stories I grew up with, and
these pages contain some
of the results.  At left,
Aphrodite holds up the
Apple of Discord
which began the Trojan
War. Behind her is Ares,
god of war, and the Trojan
Horse. Troy burns behind
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Minotaurs are an interesting
challenge to draw, for reasons that
should be obvious.
Zeus, king of all the gods.
The pose is taken from
Phidias' statue of the god
at Olympia, considered to
be one of the Seven
Wonders of the Ancient
Below, Zeus's brother
Poseidon emerges from
the depths.
Although not part of the
drawing series, this
small (5") sculpture is
definitely inspired by
Greek Myth. From the
private collection of
Steven Sawyer of Los
Another of the great monsters of
Greek myth is the Sphinx, a
bizarre mix of human, bird, and
leonine characteristics.

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The Art of Chaz Truog
2009 Calendar
the painting at left, "The
Apples of Discord", and
eleven other unique
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