Painting II
Demon Dungeon
acrylic on illustration board, 1995
A commercial art assignment for
Musicland/Sam Goody, this was a CD
cover of a disc of Halloween sound
acrylic on illustration board, 1997
For a time in the mid-nineties, DC
Comics had a story line that had
four versions of Superman running
around Metropolis. I thought Steel,
an armored (and literal) version of
the Man of Steel, was the
most interesting.
Study for a Mural Design
acrylic on Masonite, 1982
The year I graduated college, I was
approached to paint a mural that
would grace the campus
planetarium. However...the idea was
to paint the mural with paints that
would glow under black light, paints
that were the consistency of honey.
Try as I might, I simply could not
work with the paint, and I scrapped
the project.
Aztec Moon
acrylic on illustration board,
Sometimes I wonder how
things might have been
different if the Aztecs had
been able to defeat Cortez
and the Spanish

The Crucifixion of
Picasso, or:
The Revenge of Dora
ink and watercolor on bristol
board, 1998
Dora Maar was one of the
many long-suffering
mistresses of the painter
Picasso. Seated confortably
on the beach, she and a
few other ladies have their
day. Here, I combine styles
from two different periods in
Picasso's career.