P a i n t i n g
Mediums old and new:
"Siberian Tiger" (1991,
oil on canvas, above)
and "Tribute to
Bradbury" (1999,
Photoshop, right)
Each medium poses
its' own unique
challenges and
advantages. The
beauty of painting on
computer is the age-old
painters' dream of
painting with light itself.
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animation of this
Left: The oldest painting
in my collection, painted
in  January of 1978,
when I was a senior in
high school. It's an
illustration based on
Frank Herbert's science
fiction series, "Dune".
(Also influenced by
Ralph McQuarrie's
pre-production art for the
original "Star Wars".)  A
great visualization
exercise is to read a
science fiction or fantasy
novel and then try to
paint or draw the image
in your mind's eye.

Left: "Black Horse"
(acrylic on canvas panel,
1999) One of the
drawbacks (or
advantages) of knowing
an artist is being
unwittingly cast in a
painting! The mounted
figure is based on
someone I used to know,
who, with his head
shaved, looked like a
hero from the Arabian
Right: "Ghita of
Alizarr" (acrylic on
illustration board,
1999) The lissome
heroine and her
two compatriots,
Thenef and Dahib,
pose in front of
Below: Another
advantage of
knowing an artist
is that if you treat
them right, they'll
paint something
for you because
they like you.
This mural is in
the house of my
good friend, Bob
Right: Emma and
Spencer, the two
became part of the
design. (Acrylic on
plaster, 2002.)
Right: a rare
photo of me
Art by Chaz Truog