S c u l p t u r e
The "Ghita" is a tribute to
cartoonist Frank Thorne,
who has been a big
influence on my art since I
discovered his work in
Marvel Comic's "Red Sonja",
back in 1978.  The "Ghita of
Alizarr" graphic novels are
definitely Frank's
I'm just a sci-fi geek at heart, thus the
Star Trek "Klingon" at right.
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Below: "Leonardo" was done as a
companion piece to the "Salai", during
the three year period I worked on
"Chiaroscuro" for Vertigo Comics
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"Forbidden Zone", (right) was based on
production designs from Tim Burton's 2001
remake of "Planet of the Apes".
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"Chess Pieces", (below) are part of an on-going project to sculpt and produce a complete chess
set. The theme is the Olympian gods. Zeus and Hera are king and queen, Ares and Athena are
bishops. The knights will be centaurs, the rooks will be small temples, and the pawns, of
course, are mortals.
Below: a copy
of an ancient
Greek bronze.
Copying a
work like this
is a great
learning tool, I
was lucky to
have great
"The Last of the Nuba" (1997) was
inspired by Leni Riefenstahl's
excellent book of photos, "The
People of Kao", which details the life
of a vanishing African tribe.
Left: at work on the Klingon sculpture, 1997.

Below: this Tyrannosaurus Rex is only seven inches

Art by Chaz Truog