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Jovus Optimus Maximus
"Jupiter, the Greatest and the Best" (2005) A photo
collage featuring one of the most awe-inspiring photos of
Jupiter from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Cassini
Probe, and my version of an Ancient Greek sculpture of
Zeus. The King of Planets rises behind the King of the
Fire Wing Force
An unfortunate reality of freelance work is putting a great deal of time and effort in a project that goes
nowhere. Thus it was with Fire Wing Force, a team of animal and bird (and insect!) fighter pilots that never
got off the ground. All that's left of this project are these photos of the action figure prototypes that I sculpted.
Red Sonja
A Marvel comics
character from
redone a few
years back by an
company. Here's
a look at the new
costume, drawn
with brush and ink
and colored in
Copyright 2004,
the Robert E.
Howard Estate.
Ghita and Buddy
A color version of a drawing I did for Frank Thorne for his birthday a few years back. Ghita
is copyright 2004, Frank Thorne. Buddy (Animal Man) is copyright 2004, DC Comics.
Art by Chaz Truog