Left: One of a
series of
illustrations from a
brochure for
demonstrating ways
to get special
effects into
Left: Two of a series
of promotional
postcards for Creatis,
a Minneapolis-based
creative services
This series was drawn with
brush and ink, scanned, and
colored in Photoshop.
Normally, I'm a low-tech kind
of guy, but you can get such
cool effects with computer!
Click on the images to see a
larger version.
Art by Chaz Truog
commercial art
The Peanuts Gang are copyright 2003, United Features Syndicate, Inc
Right: An add comp done
for Pillsbury. An ad comp is
a pencil or marker-rendered
rough sketch for an ad used
to sell the idea to the client,
in this case Pillsbury. The
'Charlie Brown' ad at right
was an interesting case. All
the figures had to be copied
from existing drawings by
Charles Schultz. So for
Linus, for example, I had to
take the head from one
drawing, the arm from
another, and so on, copy
them exactly to get the
finished drawing, and then
do the same for the rest of
the characters.
Spot, the official
mascot for the
Original Spotted
Dogs clothing line,
done in Adobe
Left and below: designs for
the Minnesota-based
company Grandma Pants,
done in Adobe Illustrator.
Check out their website:
(Art copyright Grandma
Pants, 2008.)