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Why is it that the right pronunciation?
It is the most natural, logical approach to pronounce it. That is why when everybody comes across the term for the very first time, they utilize a tough G.

How can it be the logical pronunciation?

Gaffe. Gift. Guff. Guffaw.
Most one-syllable words which begin with G have a hard G (not a comprehensive list):
Gab. Gad. Gag. Gal. Gam. Gap. Gas. Gay. Get. Gig. Gill. Gimp. Gird. Girl. Git! Give. Go. Goal. Gob. God. Gone. Gore. Got. Guide. Guild. Guilt. Gull. Gulp. Gum. Gun. Gust. Gut. Guy.

Gin isn’t a fantastic counterexample as it is a beverage derived from juniper berries, therefore its name is in the Dutch jenever to get”juniper”. In terms of the flip side, they are abbreviations of bigger words, so that they inherited their pronunciations.

Can the G in”GIF” endure for a phrase which has a gentle G?
Pronunciation of acronyms will follow pronunciation rules like every normal word. So the purpose here is, since the term supporting the G in GIF is”images”, it removes any potential debate that may be made when the term happened to get a soft G.

Does anybody pronounce GIF using a soft G afterward?
If you hear anybody pronounce GIF using a soft G, it is because they understand something of the history. When the Jif peanut butter firm never existed, he’d have not pronounced GIF using a gentle G.

Talking of Steve Wilhite, when he describes the pronunciation of GIF, he has to write,”It is pronounced’JIF’.” He’s got to describe it this way since it goes against the way that it would obviously be pronounced.

No. There are a number of sites out there (such as that 1 ) that attempt to persuade people to use a soft G, however they rely on solely about how Steve Wilhite says it’s. . He also used the occasion to say ,”It is pronounced’JIF’.”

“The Oxford English Dictionary takes both pronunciations. They’re mistaken. End of narrative.”

Not too fast.

“But, the pronunciation using a hard g is currently quite widespread and easily known.

I am confident you would agree, it is a lot more probable that those masters of the English language unto understandetter than anybody how to pronounce a word.

Wilhite also said that he’s annoyed there’s still disagreement within the pronunciation. To be frank, is not it his own fault for selecting a pronunciation that just does not make sense?

You can now proceed and openly pronounce GIF with a hard G as you obviously would, since you’ve got everything to do so. Should you feel pressured to honor the pronunciation provided from the GIF’s founder out of a feeling of responsibility, that is perfectly fine also. Just do not offer those people who pronounce it properly a tricky moment. :-:

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I am on a crusade, so I will get directly to the stage. Jif.
As he advised the NY Times:

“The Oxford English Dictionary takes both pronunciations. They’re incorrect. End of narrative.”

I mean, who is going to contend with its founder? Until he possesses the naming rights such as a Major League Ballpark, should not he get to determine how it’s voiced? Yes, it would be rather odd and perplexing, but it is my title, therefore it is my pick.

But seriously…

Though some might beg to disagree, the pronunciation isn’t a hill to die on. There are loads of outspoken supporters (pun intended) on each side of the argument, and I’ve observed lots of a temper flare within this problem. Not once did I hear of somebody even consider having a hard”G.”

In reality, it was rather well-known that the GIF growth group at CompuServe had an expression:”Choosy programmers pick GIF,” that was a play on the slogan of a grilled peanut butter firm at the time:”Choosy moms choose Jif.” It was certainly to correct their exceptional graphics format, and if it was deliberate or not, it elucidated the planned pronunciation of the new generation. Methinks it had been the latecomers to the party that began saying it wrongly, and also we experienced veterans didn’t do an excellent job in passing along our ancestral wisdom.

So essentially, I am partially to blame. I feel obligated to rectify it by repenting and beaming the light of truth on this particular topic. Maybe it isn’t too late to rescue a couple other unsuspecting souls from wandering down the darkened path of mispronunciation. Yes, I’m a guy on a mission.

But enough about me, let us discuss our old buddy GIF.

A Concise History of the GIF

(Support for cartoon and transparency has been added in 1989.) He and his staff were looking for a more efficient method to exhibit and discuss colour picture files without consuming so much damn computer memory.

Link speed was also a problem because users compensated for sethe servicey the hour. And dialup net access was really painfully slow — sending a 20 KB text file into a distant colleague could provide you time to take the puppy for a stroll. Forget about waiting to a 10 MB picture — you may too go on holiday.

This meant users can render high-quality images with smaller file sizes. And that meant substantially faster transport times and less memory use. That in turn meant much more happy individuals.

The GIF immediately became a widely used image format once the fledgling Internet came to the scene from the early’90s. Without having the ability to efficiently render movie on the internet at the moment, it was at the very least a way to display”moving images” — a poor man’s video for those who may.

And though they did not support animation, the filesizes could often be considerably smaller and the capability to really stream movie became possible. Animated GIFs were a fantastic little parlor trick, but for many people, there was not enough practical use of them — not on the internet.

So people’s GIF memories gradually started to fade (together with the pronunciation) before we had an whole generation who had no clue what a GIF had been, let alone how to state it.

And then something occurred.

The GIF has witnessed a huge resurgence in popularity during the past several decades, thanks in big part to social websites and individuals’ love affair with memes. Why say something with phrases, as it could be stated in pictures? And say something in movies as it could be stated with transferring pictures?

But something did not appear to create the glorious return with all the GIF — proper pronunciation. Now, I am not going to judge anybody for their sins with regard to the specific acronym. As I mentioned previously, it is not their fault — they just don’t understand any better.

Although the times of the notorious dancing baby are (ideally ) long gone, it will not look like the GIF itself is moving away anytime soon. And so, I ask that you join my valiant crusade to spread the fantastic word! Just be sure that you pronounce it properly once you do this.

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