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The Acer Aspire 5 is really a mid-range notebook that ticks pretty much all of the boxes you would need for a day-to-day notebook: it performs many jobs well, plays media good and has an excellent battery life, all for a compelling price.


Great battery life

Up-to-date parts

Good build quality

Adequate performance

Well priced


Cheap-feeling touchpad

The display is not the most vibrant

Not as thin and light as other notebooks


Mid-range machines such as the Acer Aspire 5 are readily overlooked. People are either opting for the top laptops that generally dominate the tune, or they seem towards funding notebooks under $500 to fulfill their computing requirements and budget restraints.

This leaves mid-range machines mainly unnoticed, despite the perfect balance of cost and functionality which in fact makes them the perfect investment for most consumers. That equilibrium is something that the Acer Aspire 5 has practiced, offering its customers with strong components and a good functionality while keeping the cost affordable and available.

The Acer Aspire 5 has proven once more that mid-range machines will be the best way to go. And, provided that your needs do not include a great deal of movie editing or designing and designing, this may just be the very best laptop for you.


Here’s that the Acer Aspire 5 A515-51-50Y5 configuration delivered to TechRadar for inspection:

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#Price and accessibility


But that does not indicate that this is a rustic, awful notebook. You will discover that it’s a small battle to whip out and operate on a train, yet.

The chassis is largely made from plastic, using a textured coating on the lid, together with a reflective Acer emblem.

Opening the notebook shows a decent-sized display surrounded by rather thick bezels, which some might feel is wasted space. It will, at least, allow for a large computer keyboard on the bottom half of their notebook, which we will get into in a minute.

The big bezels also signify the webcam could be positioned at the middle of the top bezel, which in our view is the ideal location to get a webcam to live.

The underside bezel holds a different Acer symbol, and under that’s the nicely-designed notebook hinge that’s’Aspire’ inscribed on it – a great touch, we believe. The hinge allows for a nice level of modification of the display in a range of angles, even though this isn’t a notebook on which you may flip the display 360 degrees backward, into a tablet-like position – so you will need a convertible notebook, for example Acer’s very own Spin 7 set.

We would have enjoyed maybe one of those USB 2.0 interfaces to be just another USB 3.0, but the USB-C interface is undoubtedly a welcome addition which provides you an future-proofing.

#Keyboard and touchpad

The base of this notebook, where the massive computer keyboard and touchpad sithas a plastic coating, but it’s a brushed finish which, although less superior as aluminum, remains quite nice. It did not require it a lot to pick up fingerprints, nevertheless.

The keyboard itself is a wonderful size, making typing on it for extended periods comfy, even though the horizontal keys and short traveling space imply it is perhaps not the most responsive, or satisfying-feelingkeyboard we have attempted.

We enjoyed

The Acer Aspire 5 has a wonderful layout and good build quality – besides the marginally loose-feeling touchpad. The massive range of ports is welcome also makes this a flexible notebook for using with quite a few peripherals, and battery life is quite great. Additionally, it remained cool and silent during our evaluations.

For the cost, you will feel as if you have got your money’s worth using all the Aspire 5, for example a number up-to-date components.

#We did not like

The touchpad does not feel as satisfying to use as those located on other notebooks, and it is an unfortunate reminder that this isn’t a superior apparatus.

The display can also be just a tiny washed-out for our preferences, as opposed to as large as we would have liked.

#Final verdict

The range of configurations accessible means there is a fantastic chance you’ll discover an Aspire 5 version which is appropriate for your requirements and budget – although the version we tested was not too capable as it came to graphical oomph, you will find choices to find an Aspire 5 using a dedicated graphics card.

Battery life was especially great, so in the event that you would like an affordable laptop that could dependably manage day-to-day tasks without having to be constantly plugged into a power outlet, the Aspire 5 is definitely worth considering.

But if you prefer your laptops , well, hope to a lot more, like having the ability to run modern games or even deal with heavy-duty picture and video editing, then you will want to appear elsewhere.

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